For the Love of Cutter

For the Love of Cutter

Monday, April 26, 2010


There hasn't been much change in Cutter since the last post. He is still having seizures, though they are not always bad. He sometimes only has "mini" seizures. Developmentally, we feel that he is progressing well. He is trying his hardest to talk and to sit up. He is continuing to hold his head up well and rolls all over the place!

We are very blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful friends and family. Our community of support is amazing. Our good friends, Dustin & Amanda Waycaster are having a benefit for Cutter this Saturday, May 1st, from 11-3 in the Sears parking lot. There will be a hotdog dinner, raffle and bake sale. We are very thankful for this act of kindness and most appreciative!

Thank you for all of your prayers! We will keep you posted!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Red Rover, Red Rover, Cutter Rolled Over!

Hello Friends!

Most importantly, this past Thursday Cutter learned how to roll over! He has been trying so hard for over two weeks and finally got it! He rolls from his back to his belly, and now we can't keep him still! He has also learned how to "talk"...very loudly! We are so excited about all of his new developments. To us, this means he is doing very well. Before, when he was having 10 or more seizures a day, he would be very lethargic and did not move a lot. We were looking into Physical and Occupational Therapy services for him. In the last two weeks he has really moved along, and we don't see any delays at all! Praise God!!!!

Cutter is still continuing to have a few seizures a day, and they haven't changed much in the last little bit. We are still hopeful that things will change and he will stop having them altogether. God can do this! :)

Thank you for all of your encouraging words! Keep Praying!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! We have been really busy, and I just have not had a lot of time! Cutter is still having a few seizures each day. Mostly, he is having one big seizure and then several "mini" seizures, that only last a few seconds.

He had his four month shots today and did great! He only cried for a little bit. Once he got ahold of his bottle he was good to go! He was not able to have the Rotovirus vaccination because of the steroid that he is on. It is a live virus and could have made him sick. So, he will catch up on that at his next appointment. He weighs 18 lbs. and 2 oz. He is 26 1/2 inches long! Growing like a weed! He passed his developmental test! YAY! Praise God!

He has been more alert this week than he has been in a long time. He is trying hard to roll over and sit up. He is holding his head up better and is using his left side more. God is working in his life and we are so very thankful!

Please keep remembering us! :) We appreciate everything!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doctor's Report

Hello Friends,

On Monday we had another doctor's appt. with Dr. Huffstutter in Asheville. He had been discussing Cutter's case with the doctor down in Chapel Hill, and they are quite positive that Cutter's epilepsy is not going to turn into Infantile Spasms. (PRAISE GOD!!!) He told us to keep Cutter on his same medications and to keep tapering him off the steroid like we have been doing. He will be completely off the steroid May 18th, but at least he is out of the "danger zone." This means he can be around people again!

He talked to us about the ketogenic diet and is not very fond of it. He said that I would pretty much have to quit my job and become a full time nurse to Cutter because the diet is very tedious. He told us that if the seizures cannot be controlled with medication (and if he were his grandson) he would opt for surgery. We go back on June 1.

Hopefully, it will not come to surgery, and he will start to become seizure-free on a daily basis. His seizures are very inconsistent. Today he has had three. :(

Please keep praying! Chris and I are praying hard for some guidance and wisdom. Thank you all for your support!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

God is great!

Hello Friends,
My computer crashed, and I have not had a chance to post anything in the last couple of days. Up until today at 4:00 Cutter had not had a seizure since Tuesday night. This evening, however, he has had three. He is very exhausted, and we think that the exhaustion is what has triggered these last couple of seizures. But it's going to be okay! We go to the doctor on Monday, so we are anxious to see what he will say.

We are so excited to FINALLY be going back to church tomorrow! We have such a wonderful, loving church family that we have missed terribly. We want to give God the glory for all He has done for us and is going to do for us.

Thank you for all of the prayers! We will keep you updated!