For the Love of Cutter

For the Love of Cutter

Friday, October 25, 2013

Great News

Yesterday went very well. We do not have any statistics or numbers yet, but the Dr. was so happy about the progress that Cutter has made. He could not believe how good he looked, how you couldn't even tell (physically) that he had brain surgery, and how he could do small tasks that he was not able to do last year, such as sitting in a chair and attending to a task for more than a few seconds. We feel good that his report will show lots of progress! Thank you for all of the prayers and support!

Testing, Testing...

Here in Chapel Hill for some neuro-psych testing. We were here two years ago and it was totally not fun. Whew. Thankfully, this time he is older and happier and seizure free!!! (7 months and 2 days!) and this time around he has NO BOTTLE!!! Surely to goodness it will be better! Looking forward to seeing how he has improved! Missing the littlest Greene bean, though. Thanks Mom for keeping him. (You must kiss him 37 times before he falls asleep! ) We will update tomorrow! Thank you for the prayers!!!

Many Blessings!

Wow! What a blessed day this has been. I have thanked God so many times today for the small things that have happened! First, Cutter counted his toys out this morning in the car. He counted to four with perfect 1:1 correspondence! (My fellow K teachers know the importance of this...Lol!) Also, while in the car Cutter said, "I am going to be a turtle for Halloween!" A whole sentence where he recalled a detail we had not just discussed!!! Every word was so clear! Then, Maverick asked me a question! He asked, "Is brother going, too?" I was shocked and excited at My little man's new vocabulary!! At school, Cutter's assistant, Megan Ziegler has been working with him on pedaling a tricycle. She called to the library and told me to come watch. He was doing it! Pedaling all by himself!!! Oh, this mama cried and cried! He has come so far. Lastly, Cutter started his horseback riding lessons for physical therapy today. I will post pics and videos next. He loved it! He will go for the next five Fridays! So thankful for his therapists and the students from the Early College for helping Cutter today. The therapy will help with his posture, balance, listening, attention, ability to follow directions, coordination, etc. We are super excited! It's the small stuff that makes me smile (and cry today)! I am so proud of my boys! I am blessed to be their mother. There are no words to describe it. Thank God for these blessings!!!